Mason CC's CTF
8:00 AM EST to 10:00 PM EST, May 9th 2021
Registration will open soon!

Registration will open soon


Please register using a .edu email address.

Prizes are still being figured out, but at a minimum, in order to be considered you should register with a .edu email.


Prizes TBD
  • We're trying to figure out the logistics of shipping t-shirts to people ;)



Up to five players per team
Limit two graduate students per team

Challenge Categories

Name About
Cryptography Code breaking, cipher smashing, and math that fights back!
Reverse Engineering Figuring out how things work, then breaking those things!
Threat Intelligence Who's shooting those cyber bullets at me?
Forensics PCAPs and file carving and memory dumps (oh my!)
Web The attack surface of the modern world!
Programming and Scripting The art of making something else do the tedious work for you!
And other challenges!